🔥Shilling Contest🔥

Let's welcome our grand launch of Story App. This is right time to gear up our story social appearance.

1- Our shilling contest will run from 01st May 2022 to 07th May 2022.

2- Results will be announced at 08th May 2022.

3- There should be difference between the proofs which you will send, by which it will be easy for us to verify. Only screenshots allowed.

4- If we will find anyone doing cheating, we will direct desqualify him/her from the competition without any warning. So check twice your proofs before sending.

5-Shilling is allowed on Facebook and Twitter only. (For fb- only posts in fb groups are allowed, comments on posts will not be counted.)

On Twitter posts these #s should be mentioned ( @storytoken $Story #100x #altcoins #cryptocurrency #crowdfunding #btcgem etc)

6- Participants have to dm their proofs on daily basis to @

7- Scoreboard will be shared once in a two days

Winners will get rewards in the form of Story Token. Rewards are as below.

1st- $100 worth of Story
2nd- $75 worth of Story
3rd- $50 worth of Story
4th- $25 worth of Story

Good Luck Guys.



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